Target Online Gift Registry


The Story

One of the biggest compliments a team can receive from a client on their work is more work, especially when they're invited to define more of their own assignment. 

This is exactly what our team won from our work on Target's in-store registry experience.

Target handed us a wide-open assignment to imagine and design the future cross-platform gift registry experience to raise the retailer's presence above the level of its competitors.

The Work

  •  I was paired with a visual designer, and together we built an illustrated storyline based on crystallized ideas and strategies from the retailer's and Sapient's teams
  • We defined and refined the storyline into specific user interface ideas and described them with concept-level wireframes
  • We collaborated with members of multiple teamsdevelopment, business analysis, strategy, creativeto define the parameters for a first-phase release


User Journey Storyboard

We created a journey storyboard to help us visualize how proposed interactive elements would connect through time and intersect with guests' and gifters' lives. It was important to us to understand and think carefully about how we could enrich and help the guests and their close ones as they planned, celebrated, experienced, and reflected on these important life events.

Concept Deck

Though they were still in the concept phase, we wanted to illustrate our proposed ideas in a salient visual way so that we and our client could fully envision their potential without clunky low-fidelity images getting in the way. My visual design partner Tony set a design vocabulary that the two of us utilized to created hundreds of concept screens to illustrate how the details of the experience could play out within the minimum viable product scope we defined with our team.