A brief summary of my work history is below.
You can also view my full résumé as a PDF.

I'm not presently looking for new opportunities.

Lead Designer, Web Marketing
August 2016-present

Senior User Experience Designer, Track Lead
November 2013-August 2016

  • Design the user flows and experience models for mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces, working in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Wireframes, interactive prototypes, sketches, user flows, storyboards, and/or whatever communicates the ideas best.
  • Scenario-based user testing, surveys, card sorts, heuristic evaluation, and accessibility audits.
  • User experience track lead on two multi-million dollar contracts.
  • Brands include Vail, PG&E, Avnet, United Healthcare, Lululemon, Target, Vision Service Provider (VSP), and Eddie Bauer.


  • Designed Web sites for a range of small business and organization clients.
  • Designed an interactive storytelling interface for local aid organization Give Us Wings which relayed stories of families in Nyaoga, Kenya through collected data, writing, pictures, and video.
  • Created a custom professional Web site built on the Wordpress blogging platform that was editable by the client through the WP interface.

Project Manager
University of Minnesota Enterprise Web Development
ePortfolio, Open Source ePortfolio (OSeP) 
October 2007 – August 2008

  • Managed and prioritized tasks for nine mostly telecommuting design and development team members.
  • Regularly met with stakeholder board of representatives and user groups to collect, manage, and prioritize enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Documented interface requirements.
  • Team consistently met development and bug fixing milestones and deadlines on time with quality work.

User Interface Designer
University of Minnesota Enterprise Web Development
January 2005 – January 2008

  • Designed for highly interactive and complex Enterprise-level Web applications.
  • Projects included an online portfolio and curriculum management system, an online graduation planner, online registration, financial aid utilities, and grants management.
  • Created and presented prototypes (paper, interactive HTML mockups, site maps, wireframes, etc.) and task flowcharts.
  • Front-end development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP, ASP, VB, ODBC SQL, and XML.
  • Collected usability feedback through user interviews, research, and usability evaluations.
  • Worked with teammates to troubleshoot bugs and usability issues.

Usability Consultant
University of Minnesota Enterprise Web Development
September 2000 – May 2005

  • Led 30+ academic units and organizations through user-centered design research and evaluation.
  • Scenario-based evaluations, focus groups, one-on-one interviews of users, eye-tracking, field studies, heuristic evaluations, surveys, etc. Lightweight or heavy-weight, in our state-of-the-art lab, in conference rooms, in cubicles, or wherever it needed to be done.
  • Developed an accessibility auditing protocol and designer training tutorials based on empathic understanding of accessible design requirements. This protocol and training was also adopted by other local organizations and businesses including one of the top 5 discount retailers in the U.S.
  • Co-led an accessible design full-day tutorial at the 2005 International Usability Professionals Association (UPA) conference in Montréal.
  • Sat on the University of Minnesota Faculty Senate Committee on Disability Issues.

The Raptor Center
June 2000 – July 2002

  • Led organization through Web site re-design process.
  • Implemented the site design, architecture, and back-end.
  • Created a content management system that enforced design consistency and allowed staff to contribute content without coding.
  • Reported Web server statistics and trends.