About Me


About Me

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  • I'm happiest when making things and learning about making things.

  • I love cooking (and reading about cooking) almost as much as eating.

  • I’m a 3-year bay area resident. Mpls > LA > SF > Berkeley

  • I have a band that makes weird electro-pop (and have lots of experience untangling 1/4" cable), I created a soundtrack for a friend’s scary storytelling podcast that I’m about to turn into an album, and I'm a lover of experimental, hip-hop, and electronic music. I especially love a good beat and plenty of bass.

What gets me most excited about my work

  • Shaping experiences that inspire loyalty

  • Motivating users to make positive life changes

  • Tools that build, strengthen and enrich community connections

  • Infographics and interactions that reveal new insights about otherwise cryptic information,

  • Providing individual designers and teams with opportunities, information, and tools to maximize the quality of their work, professional growth, and learning