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About Me

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  • Minneapolis native, moved to L.A., then to San Francisco.
  • I'm happiest when making things and learning about making things.
  • I love cooking (and reading about cooking) almost as much as eating.
  • I have a band that makes weird electro-pop (and lots of experience untangling 1/4" cable). I'm a lover of experimental, hip-hop, and electronic music. I especially love a good beat and plenty of bass. 
  • I love beating up running shoes and hiking boots on wooded trails, laying my yoga mat out in the sun, and digging my toes into beach sand.


What gets me most excited about my work

  • Shaping experiences that inspire loyalty
  • Motivating users to make positive life changes
  • Tools that build, strengthen and enrich community connections
  • Infographics and interactions that reveal new insights about otherwise cryptic information, 
  • Providing individual designers and teams with opportunities, information, and tools to maximize the quality of their work, professional growth, and learning



Apple's WWDC reveal of  Swift PlaygroundsApple Watch wheelchair activity tracking, and international SOS and medical features

HandUp is a crowfunding platform that facilitates people helping struggling members of their community cover basic needs such as rental deposits, books for school, cookware, vehicle repairs, etc.

Joyable offers affordable online evidence-based treatment for social anxiety. The company hopes to offer treatment for additional mental illnesses soon.

"I believe mental health [issues are] the single biggest waste of human potential in the developed world," says Peter Shalek, CEO.

JosephineCuchine, and Homemade — what could be more exciting than bringing neighbors together over food?

" I will tell you that my Josephine pickups have been utterly reliable generators of smiles and warm feelings...they unlock my neighborhood, fill in the blank spaces on my mental map. And of course, it's always fun to see the insides of other people's houses." says Robin Sloan, in The Atlantic

Copia and Foodrunners transport food excess from restaurants and deliver it to food programs and shelters to help feed the community and reduce food waste.

f.lux is an app that syncs with your device clock to reduce the blue light in the evening that can interfere with your sleep when you put in those late screen-time hours.

The thought that as virtual reality experiences become more ubiquitous, we'll need to employ the skills of architecture and interior, environmental, and landscape design to create the most effective experiences. I can't wait to see these experiences combined with the service potential of digital experiences.

Calm Technology

"Our world is made of information that competes for our attention. What is necessary? What is not?
When we design products, we aim to choose the best position for user interface components, placing the most important ones in the most accessible places on the screen.

Equally important is the design of communication. How many notifications are necessary? How and when should they be displayed? To answer this, we can be inspired by the principles of calm technology."

Bjork's new VR album Vulnicura - the first VR album experience was created by Bjork. Of course.

Aquafaba - a recent discovery that the liquid left from a can of garbanzo beans has properties that allow it to replace eggs in many vegan recipes, like cakes, mayonnaise, even meringues. The revelation is so new that there's not yet a scientific explanation for exactly how it works. It's a good reminder that there are always design solutions out there yet to be discovered!

Infographics like feltron's annual reports (an oldie and goodie), and Polygraph's vivid breakdowns of pop culture

Peeps Magazine - highly recommend this new publication, crafted with obvious love and care

"Our stories are written by researchers from disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, human geography and social psychology who have devoted years to studying their subjects. Peeps contributors are part of a global conversation that aims to share perspectives, challenge assumptions and provoke critical thinking about people and culture. They range from academics to professional researchers, to artists, all committed to sharing stories about lived experiences with our readers."

Favorite podcasts (nerd alert!)... 99% InvisibleSong Exploder2 Dope QueensNote to SelfRadiolabThe Dinner Party DownloadThe Memory PalaceStuff Your Mom Never Told YouDeath, Sex, and Money