Target In-Store Gift Registry


The Story

Target needed a simple interface for guests to create and add to their registries in-store using iPad kiosks to initiate setup and then shopping with scanner-equipped iPods to add items.

  • Winner of the 2013 Sapient Rhino Award for excellence
  • Even better, this work won us more work with more opportunity to stretch our team's abilities.
  • Even better, this version of the in-store registry experience increased registry scan-to-add conversion from 42% to 96% compared to the previous experience.

The Work

An iTouch and iPad app for in-store wedding and baby registry building and gifting. An exercise in less-is-more. We worked hard to distill the experience down to its essentials to propel and accentuate, not slow or distract from, Target's guests' shopping experience.

Lots of wireframes and annotations, lots of whiteboarding, lots of teamwork, a few quick-and-dirty paper prototype tests to help us solidify interaction ideas.


Wireframes and Annotations

I collaborated with two other experience designers, three visual designers, and a copywriter to help create and define the experience in wireframes and annotations. 


Visual Design

We worked closely with our visual design team to develop and refine our user experience ideas and then as we moved past wireframes into visual comps, collaborate further on pushing the interaction design while ensuring the UI thinking and consistency was carried through.