United Health Care (UHC) Customer Portal

Need 1

Help verifying terminology of elements and categorization of hundreds of portal elements and important pieces of information
Users all over the country, need to target very specific demographics, limited budget so in-person is out of the question
Results need to be easily and rapidly digestible by the design team, UHC's team, and UHS CEO-level decision makers
Need to be informed, but not told what to choose

Solution 1

Card sort online
Worked with recruiter
Managed data-gathering and processing
Presentation of data in a meaningful way

Need 2

Validation of portal wires so far, general organization of the pages, flows, placement of elements

Solution 2

While wire testing not ideal, can be important at this point in the business process
Prototype in Fireworks
Conference room prototype and testing, rigged up WebEx the available tools, pointer highlighing software, $50 camera, and a microphone. Able to get multiple stakeholders as observers, rapidly identify issues
  forms, protocol, recruiting/screening, results interpretation, guided team through observation/rules, paperwork
Worked through priortization of issues with the client and design team for buy-in
Implemented solutions to issues identified
Presented overal results and solutions to client