Target Guest Research App


The Story

Target needed a lightweight in-store app that could help employees record recurring customer issues (e.g. customers were often unsure where to kind k-cups for their Keurig machines because they were in a different aisle than the machines themselves). These records needed to then be aggregated in such a way that managers could identify common trends and themes to improve the customer experience in-store.

The Need

  • An app employees could install on their own phones that was simple enough to require little-to-no training and allowed them to record guest feedback
  • A desktop interface that store leaders could use to aggregate data about common feedback themes to help improve store experience

The Work

  • Interface design and annotated wireframes for both a mobile version and a desktop dashboard for aggregating and analyzing commonalities in the data collected.
  • Used increasing fidelities of interactive prototypes throughout the development of the project using paper sketches and POP for mobile demos, and then Indigo Studio prototypes for mobile and desktop demos
  • Delivered a video demonstrating the user interactions along with the annotated wireframes
  • Collaborated with a visual designer to explain and validate concepts that he then designed


Wireframes and Annotations


Visual Design