Eyeconic.com Retail Site


The Story

Eyeconic.com is Vision Service Provider's (VSP) online retail experience. Its key differentiator amongst competitors is that, for users who have VSP insurance, benefits can be applied directly in the checkout process, saving users upfront cost and the hassle of a reimbursement process.

In addition, due to VSP/Eyeconic's massive collection of brands, the catalog contains one of the largest selections of eyewear onlineover 1,100 different styles. On the UX side, this poses both a potential benefit and challenge: on the one hand, a variety ensures that most types of users are likely to find something they like, but on the other hand, if users aren't able to filter the selection quickly to their individual style, they may become quickly overwhelmed and/or convinced the collection doesn't fit their personal style.

The Ask

Create an e-commerce experience and visual identity for eyeconic.com, including:

  • A set of browse and search paths that allow the user to quickly find the right pair amongst many (over 1,100 pairs)
  • An easy checkout flow with the ability to apply insurance benefits and communicate simply the rather complex set of business rules in the background
  • A showcase of the frames above all

The Work

  • Co-led the UX team with a partner
  • Co-presented progress to clients at weekly checkpoints to gather feedback and sign-off
  • Collaborated closely with visual design, business analysis, and development teams as well as four other experience designer to create an experience approach, which we documented in wireframes and annotations


Wireframes and Annotations

Visual Design

We stayed in close contact with our visual design team to ensure consistency of the experience thinking, and to push the experience design further together as visual designers had additional questions and suggestions as well as new client feedback rolled in.