Avnet Express


The Ask

Avnet Inc., a Fortune 500 company, is one of the world's largest (if not the largest) franchised distributor of electronic components and subsystems. It has more than 50 centers and locations in more than 34 countries and a catalog of 5 million+ parts.

When customers are ordering thousands of parts for their electronics manufacturing, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, the stakes are high to make sure the right products and quantities are ordered and that they'll arrive in time to keep manufacturing on schedule. The result? If an online ordering experience is at all unclear or lacks a necessary element of self-service, customers will call, rather than order online, using precious and expensive customer service resources.

The Solution

  • Create an intuitive and clear B2B experience that feels more B2C. 
  • Make customers feel, through the online experience, like Avnet is their partner, working side-by-side with them as they create.

The Work

  • Organize a catalog of 5 million+ products as well as rich content including research articles, events, media, and more.
  • 1,398 total wireframes and annotations for desktop and tablet
  • InVision prototypes for key task flows
  • Owned a track of work for a highly complicated cart and checkout system with the ability to order from multiple sets of stock, ship to multiple addresses, use multiple payment methods, and schedule shipments.