About Me


About Me

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  • I'm happiest when making things and learning about making things.

  • I love cooking (and reading about cooking) almost as much as eating.

  • I’m a 3-year bay area resident. Mpls > LA > SF > Berkeley

  • I have a band that makes weird electro-pop (and have lots of experience untangling 1/4" cable), I created a soundtrack for a friend’s scary storytelling podcast to be released October 2018, and I'm a lover of experimental, hip-hop, and electronic music. I especially love a good beat and plenty of bass.

What gets me most excited about my work

  • Shaping experiences that inspire loyalty

  • Motivating users to make positive life changes

  • Tools that build, strengthen and enrich community connections

  • Infographics and interactions that reveal new insights about otherwise cryptic information,

  • Providing individual designers and teams with opportunities, information, and tools to maximize the quality of their work, professional growth, and learning

  • I have a special passion for universal design, and strongly believe that when we are inclusive from the beginning we build things that better serve all users.

Reading and listening to lately…

Radical Candor, Multipliers, The Culture Map, All of Us or None, The Art of Flavor, Heartbreak Soup (Love & Rockets), Reverberation Radio, 99% Invisible, Swoti, Song Exploder, Constitutional, Pod Save the People